The art of learning.

The major difference between learning and educating is that when you apply it on your lives. We all learn things from various people, various things and our daily lifestyles. We travel, we find ourself. We try to explore and we learn the way to explore.

While we learn, we lose ourself. From learning how to walk to learning how to fly without wings, we have all been learning everyday. That could be the best example. The Outlook of your life and the people you meet and greet have something to teach you. Out of everyone in your life the ones that are most inspiring are the ones that work hard. They strive for their inner passion.

There is learning that happens every single day in our lives. Age is never a matter. I have known a person, who studied in a village and discontinued her studies after she got married, also she is a graduate. She doesn’t study but she is smart and has the crave for knowledge. It difficult to come from a small village to a big city like Bengaluru and survive 20 years back. She learn it all through her started to pass by. She knows and leads ways for many now.

Likewise, all that a person should be craving more and more is for knowledge. You have knowledge and you have everything else that follows you back. Some thoughts are useless, the tend to pull you back to your past and spoil the way you want to lead your life, but do not forget that those thoughts also teach you how to ignore and move on. A lot many people come into our lives as lessons and blessings, we learn from them, either the way they lookout on life or the way they are. Something or the other is inspiring in all beings. They have had their own battles that they have fought to get there. Speak to people and know their stories. There are untold chapters and untold words that has a lot of weight and impacts that are stayed in the deep buries of the heart, they will heal and you will know the way of acquiring more knowledge than to sticking on to one.

Like a leaf left out and later considered to be emphasised is the way you are. Left out until you start learning about life every day.


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