The family bond. 

Well, a write up after a really long time. I have been ashtonished by the way every daughter or something is connected to their parents. There is always our own bond of world that we have created right? A beautiful world. A world where in everything exists- Happiness,struggle,dark and bright days, achievements and everything that really matters or doesn’t matter. 

We all keep going through all our bright and dark days. We survive them. Out of all the relations in the world, the best one is the one with our parents. They know who we really are from within. If not other parents- my parents do. They have always encouraged me to be the best person I can be. Put the best effort I ever can. 

Life is when we can’t use a BACKSPACE or Delete anything out of it. My parents have taught me how to deal with the society, how to live my life even on the worst failures and most of all how to be Strong and be my own self. How else do we have other than them? I see a lot of kids or a lot of ADULTS insulting their parents, Scolding them and ignoring them. Right when they are not next to you anymore shall you know their value. Their pure heart will always have it’s space only for you. If don’t live with them when they are with you, why would you care when they aren’t with you? Why do you regret about it when they aren’t next to you? Because that’s when you know their value. That’s when you realize that there is no one who would come up to you and wake you up everyday. Or make you a meal and give it whenever you ask them to, or take you wherever you want to travel to. You maybe independent but think about who made you a person who could be independent? I am no one great here telling everyone to stay with your parents are be friendly. Give it a thought

From then,

Till now. ♥️

I have seen my parents during my downfall failures. I have had a lot of them. Everytime I just don’t understand why they support me so much. When I thought that my dad would screw the hell out of me and scold me so much, he sat next to me and said- You can do a lot better. You have the capability to be a better person. These are just some bad days you have to see to see the beauty of your success. When I thought that my mother would no longer talk to me- she hugged me and told me that I was stronger and shall be than I ever am. I wonder from where they get so much hope on me. Life is really a tricky one. I have seen bad days turn into Beautiful days because of them. I have a tear in my eye and my mother already starts crying, and my dad starts teasing me to put a smile on my face. I really can’t thank them enough. The only way I would thank them is by making them proud. By making them feel I was worth all the love they gave me. (Even though they don’t ask for it).

They fight with you. It’s okay. Who else do they have to fight with if not you? They scold you. It’s better- they are teaching you how to survive it. They keep taunting you, to teach you exactly how to deal with the society. They do everything to teach something from all of this. Life is a mess. And they are in every part of your messes. They have seen the worstestest days and helped you out of it. You are result of their love. You are their prince or princesses. Get to them before it’s too late. Before it comes too late to miss them. 

When you go to another unknown place- you go to find yourself. You explore and when you do so, you start knowing how magic and spark had held to your house and your city. I am finding myself and knowing what’s more important in life. Step out and find yours.


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