Do not let it out. 

Oh dear, Do not let that tear out from your eyes.  Do not let the anger out for the  world to know your darker side. Do not let your feelings out for the  world to know you have a good heart. And do not let the ztories that kill you within yourself to destroy you. Let the people around you move away, leave you, stamp you, kill you from within-Give love, care more and do not forget to make your life more happier without them. It’s you who is leading your life and it’s beautiful the way it’s happening. 

The day when you are more happier-more successful-More proud of yourself. You will realize the true meaning of relation. It’s just YOU. Everyone who put you down will look up to you. Everyone who passed by you will pause and rewind and feel proud about you. Everyone who hurt you will hurt their ego more. Yet, the smile on your face will have the glow. You are a warrior of your story. You are the light of your darkness. You are the beauty from your inner beast. Your fierce passion will get you to the point of life where you land by experiencing. All of your failures will look brighter than it ever did and all of your bliss will spread like the features of a bird while it flies through a breeze. The fears will dance with you. 

Keep it alive. Keep yourself alive. Let the fire in you burn. Let that tear that wanted to come out feel free. Let the untold stories let into light. Let life happen and the rest will follow. 


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