Nature healing. 

The beautiful stories of nature. 
The breeze that took away my sorrows. The beautiful chirping of birds that made me fall in love with it’s voices and the days and nights showing nothing really lasts forever except for the sun and the stars. 

Nature heals you the way love heals you. It shows you that the leaves are not always greener, the branches are not always permanent, the drought heals as soon as there is some water, the animals that show the true love and , the beauty of light rays through the dark ways of the life. All heavy hearts carrying broken pieces of untold chapters of life and some tangled stories that we find answers for always. 

Nothing is permanent, nor the pain nor the happiness. Everything takes phases while undergoing . The tears flow down and tell some feelings that are never unheard to the heart and then the soul takes charge by instructing the heart that LIFE IS A HILL OF HAPPINESS AND SADNESS. Just when you think you have the most happiest days in your life you feel sad,left out, broken . 

The Rain washing away the sorrow, The support light bringing the bright eyes to light and the branched trees showing life a different meaning. 

We learn so much everyday from our mother Earth. She shows us to be brave even when people stamp her, put her down and trouble her, staying strong as hard as stone that takes years to break like a heart that takes years to be back to the self version. The wind that carries huge destroyed families and the lil dust that makes even a rich person’s eye teary. Every small detail of mother Earth is preserved and given to every person. 

The hill that stood still , even when there was some blood because of the thorns, and then some parts being cut. It still stands still and let’s you go through your journey of finding self. 

While there are so many cruel, selfish, possessive,inhuman people on this Earth, our mother Earth still stays fair for everyone. 

She explodes through her volcano and breaks through earthquakes yet doesn’t forget providing air and water to the earth. Such is the greatness of a mother, A lady, A wife, A sister, A grandmother. Pray her and she you will show you what love is, deprive her and she will show you how hurt you could tolerate but doesn’t forget to give love. 


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