The teary eye. 

The shades of tears. 

We all have cried. Cried a lot in our lives. Some out and some inside ourselves. But the way it changes over childhood to teenage to elder levels is something that we would have never given a thought about. 

When we were infants we used to let that tear keep flowing everytime we we’re hungry . 

While we were little kids, we used to cry over a lot of things – Say for not getting toys, For going to school, For not eating and also for no reason sometimes. 

Something that changed when the teenage started was there was some kind of emotion that you could feel when you started crying. An emotion that used let those tears out. The crying never stopped so easily until some consoles you. Instead of crying for silly things we started to cry for things that became silly after we stopped crying. 

And then by the end of our teenage we start to give everything attention. We start learning about life. And that’s a phase when you actually realize that tears come in various ways. Some happy, some sad, some sorrow,some worry,some anger and then some for the broken pieces of us. We learn that tears are valuable and also that crying doesn’t mean weakness as it comes in various forms. The happy tears are the one that come when the heart smiles, when you feel that you are important and you are bounded by more love and life and then the sad ones are because of the emptiness in the heart and the feeling of broken and away from the world. Everytime each emotions enters our heart and it goes through doors and levels of emotions with the tears. 
That one drop, That one drop of tear started flowing out on from he eye knowing it was the heart that felt it all and not the body. 


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