The versions of self. 

The versions of self. I have been lately caught with the thought of being a different person to every person I meet or is already a part of my life. I keep wondering how it happens. Isn’t it true that we aren’t the same to everyone ? Some have seen the craziest side of us, some have seen the reserved side of us and keep changing according to the person. There are a very few who have seen every version of us. Right from childhood to be frank. 

You get close to a person while you are in your starting of the teen. You tend to make more number of friends and that feeling of I have more number of friends around me makes you feel so good then. Likewise when you make those friends ,you lose your worth. You start realizing that making more friends isn’t  important but making true loyal ones are. As you get older and wiser you start to question every person you meet. They have a role, obviously in your life – but what is it? Are they going to leave me like others did? How close should I be? Do I really have to tell them my fears and strength? All these questions keep falling out of the mind. That’s when that version of us , a thoughtful version is out. 

Likewise, once we find that one person who you can tell everything to, and you know it pretty well that they won’t judge you on any basis, the one who gives you unconditional love and support , and everything that makes you feel better. Who has been though ups and downs with you. Be it your sister or your soulmate or the best person you have ever met. That,my friend is the version of YOU. 

There is a inner child within us- that child that wakes up Everytime you do something that you are passionate about. That version is the most tender and beautiful version of self. 

Those versions that bring out the child of passion and love is the best. That fire within that would burn to bring out the passionate version. 

Picture Courtesy : Art- The way of life. 

“Someone I met gave me a version of darkness – now I know how important the light is” 

The darker version- the one which keeps haunting us. To get the older versions of self back. The version that gets the darker side of us. A soul that is been pulled with the strings of life to hold strong. 
There are a lot more versions we turn into Everytime we meet, we greet , we speak, we dance, we inspire , we get into contact with people. Then there are versions of life that bring these versions in us. 

Version-ed self of life to summarize on the whole. 


2 thoughts on “The versions of self. 

  1. Wow! Believe it or not, I’ve been talking about the same thing with some people for the past few days.. the way we put on a different “personality”, almost, for different people in our lives..
    I believe that the only person who sees each and every version, as you call it, of the true YOU, is only yourself. Nobody else can see every side of you, and even if they could, they wouldn’t be able to accept it.
    Okay sorry for the rambling on your post 😛
    Well written, I loved the concept 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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