Dharma – Path towards eternal happiness. 

Dharma according to Hindu mythology –means “that which holds” the people of this world and the whole creation. Dharma is the “law of being” without which things cannot exist. 

 Dharma and Adharma in mythology.  

Dharma is been followed by the pandavas in order to explain the world about the circle of karma and Dharma. Adharma (The opposite way of Dharma) is been followed by the kauravas In one of the epics of our mythology- The Mahabharatham. 

         Rishi kanda always says that the Dharma is a path that takes you away from the worldly joys and leads to eternal bliss. 

Dharma in terms is called as ethics. A rules that we have created for our well being . Though “Breaking the rules” trend has been started we still stick on to our ethics. And every piece of work along with certain ethics is successful. These rules we make for ourselves are to bring out the best within us. The ones which we follow to make our world better. 

Two sides – Dharma , Adharma.

Dharma is what is our ethics which leads to reach the eternal power and Adharma is the string that pulls us back to doubt our decisions of life and rules. 

Why should we follow Dharma? When you believe that what goes around comes around then Dharma is nothing but surrounding yourself with Karma. In schools,colleges and also workplaces they create certain rules that has to be followed- what happens when it is followed is the fruit of the result you get. When you start following the rules (which is obviously where difficult) you tend to fall in the line of discipline and then you start to make your ETHICS. Your ETHICS are important because you create it for yourself. And those who have ethics of their own will find success everywhere and happiness everywhere too. Krishna says – Everyone who stand still when Adharma is been followed in front of your eyes without doing anything but enjoying the Adharma , will face difficulties.                      This is because when you see bad,the first thing that goes into your head is to follow it. It’s a natural human tendency. Whereas when you do something good your heart feels happy but you start doubting if it is worth it. All the good you do will be witnessed some or the other but the bad you do would kill your inner self and the worst failure or a man would be losing himself to his deeds. What happens when the world of your self loses you is you die and the bad influence holds on to you. And doing good need not be witnessed by people because what you do- let it be good or bad- people really don’t care unless it is their matter to be done. Your ETHICS make you . They create you. Stick on the world and not the illusions of the world. 

A path of eternal happiness. 

Raising through the fears and filling ourself with confidence is the result of Dharma. There is a path of happiness created through Dharma. The tears flow down and the supreme light is witnessed. The light that is the path that leads you to eternal happiness. Beyond the feeling of worldly pleasures. 

The way of eternal happiness. 


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