The goddess of life. 

A women. She is Shakti.-The power in you.     She is the goddess who gave you birth.She is the sati you get tomorrow as your wife. She is the little girl you are going to raise up with your hands tomorrow.she is around you everywhere.
Filled with courage. Filled with feelings and thoughts with dreams covered within her self. Filled with all the love to give it to you.       Filled with grace to let you dance in life.         She is your first love and is irreplaceable.            Her side of life is filled with half of your life.       She ,no matter what holds you tight when you want to cry out loud . She is the power. Her power defines the world. 

The bonding between a mother and a daughter is like a bonding between the life and love. Beautifully wounded with love. Taking all that pain inside and being a brave women. Women who face things with the bright smile.Your mother is your inspiration. 

The bonding between a mother and a son.             She sees him as a gift by proud when he got to the earth. So happy when he walked and kept those little tiny legs without support. That happiness which repeats when he stood on his own legs. That moment of proudness is priceless. 

Life and women.

 Women are the root to the earth. Her knowledge keeps growing and she keeps learning everything just like any man does , when it comes to through the way where women are degraded,she feels depressed yet keeps her head high accepting that she was able to compete. Half the women in rural India are getting married by the age of 16-19 and facing all the difficulties. The reason of stopping child marriage was , our mind by the age of 16-21 would not be matured. It would still be tender and the thoughts and goals wouldn’t be fixed unless we make it to it. We forget that there is something beyond marriage or sex. There is a life that gives more pleasure when success is attained. When eternal happiness is found from within. 

A picture from the series -Avani. Captured by Arjun Kamath photography.

Two sides- The angel and the devil. 

A women has two sides. One the angel who gives you all the care all the love unconditionally. The one who keeps you educated. The one who leads you the way.The one who holds on you while you need a shoulder to lay on with the tears in your eyes. She makes sure that you would be fine by hiding her fears. The one who sacrifices everything for you. Her life – Her dreams – Her goals – her body – her house – her time , Indeed everything . She is the one who lets you be successful standing like a pillar and then what people see is the building and not the pillar. If you havnt seen a life on how a girl controls her emotions and showcases herself as a different person to the outer world , this is how it would be- The fire of passion to do something incredible as you have within you is the same as she has and yet she calls it down because YOU are important to her than her dreams. She sees the happiness in your eyes than in your smile. This angel could completely turn the other way once she knows the worldly pleasure are temporary. 


The devil within wakes up.    

      The devil is all within us. You see women everyday and when you see those who get molested, harrased on the streets,in public,around you – My first request is go and question the person who is doing it. He will run away. a brave girl can scream out but at that moment she will in a state of shock and her mind would be blank. Those who are molested would see all men in the same way and their idea about life with a man would be killed right there. Irony is that- You accept a pornstar and not a raped person respect. Is it because she gets paid and she becomes a celebrity? Wake up . That’s the only help you could start doing for this world! Once the devil within her wakes up, she is unstoppable. Her words are going to kill you. She becomes strong and brave day by day. she proves the world that no man is required.  She doesn’t settle for anything lesser than what she deserves. The one who used to keep quite when you shout – Shouts back because she knows her worth and doesn’t want to stand back . She wants to find and reach all ends of the world. The burning fire inside her makes her the strongest of all. The wanting to be the first makes her achieve. A devil is there within every women you meet. An unstoppable force that lives within her. Never put a women into a point where she feels she is not worth you-Her view of world would change in seconds then. She is powerful. She is the destroyer . She will kill you with her courage. She will awaken the world about women. She is agressive and omnipotent. She is the almighty.

From the series of – The awakening . Captured by Arjun kamath photography.

To all the brave , beautiful and the Shakti within you- HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!


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