Dance- a way of life. 

Dance , is not a part of life but the way of life.

Dancing through the flaws and reliving life through dance . 

My journey of dance in the 10 years. 

 I started my journey of learning classical dance since I was 8 years old. Little did I know that it would make it to a life I’m having to live today. I had immense love and curiosity to learn Indian classical dance – Bharathanatyam , anywhere I saw someone dance I used get mesmerized and wouldn’t move my eyes off then , that’s when my dad decided to put me under training. I was in my 4th grade and it was my first dance class – That feeling that day when I entered , all could say is all happy from my heart . Three years passed and then , I had to leave the class for a few reasons – yet I practiced everyday. The lessons I learnt in those three years kept me alive for the other years , then I finally found a guru who is so dedicated to dance that he forgets to take care of self. I decided that he was my only inspiration. Even now he is my only inspiration to learn and get involved into dance. 

I was in 9th when I joined back. The day before when I called to re-join , that moment I still remember there was no one more happier than me , running all around the house , jumping and screaming with all that excitement. 

There started my beautiful journey again. This was different one , my love for dance made me learn faster and faster , I completed exams soon , I did my practise everyday since then. There was something big that awaited for me.

My first stage – Rangapravesham. 

Every  budding dancer wants to reach a stage where you inspire and motivate people like my guru did to me. This was the best experience of my life until now. I was taken to my guru’s place for about three months like in gurukul training – and all I did all day was DANCE . Danced till I took another breath.                  Danced till my legs wanted to dance more.        Danced till my soul was cleansed .            Danced till the eyes started speaking.                  Danced till I found myself.                                      Danced till all my life was filled with dance and nothing else. There I was , knowing that my rest of the life had to be filled with dance. I was into it , so much that I lost myself to be found. 

   I was in a very crucial stage of my life when I decided that nothing but dance had healed my inner wounds and made me a strong person. Someone who could take all the pain and still enjoy it through dance. 

It thought me that this art is the entrance of enjoying life by knowing more and more about it. Something that would be within my soul and seal my soul. This beautiful form of art has taken away all my love and given me back more than what I deserve . An art that would make me feel proud of. I have realized that nothing is more important than giving unconditional love and motivating people. That experience of my practise made me not just to learn about dance but to learn about life. About how to lead my life with a head high and a bright smile. Everytime I was down and low thinking that every step I put towards life is pulling me back , I danced. Danced so much that I felt I need to live for myself and my passion than to the world. My mind would be filled with happiness and bliss . It used rain outside and I used to practise until I left all my pain put through sweat and tears while I danced. It is not just a part of my life now. It’s a part of me. 

Maybe this is what is called passion. The warmth of dance started covering me like cold breeze and kept me motivated. It made me realize that Everytime you think you need to be away from the world , be away with your self and dance , that’s the best medicine. 

All those characters I put on stage with all my heart make me realize that our feelings are temporary and dance is what is always with us. Dance shows us the inner happiness.

All my journey left me with nothing other than dance itself and a smile that always lit on my face. It made me realize my true self. This journey is to be made until I reach my destination.

Lot more to go. Art never dies but grows like a big tree giving us all the fruits of life. 

Giving away all of the passion for dance for the Lord and wanting him to protect us with more of dance vibes and life of this art . 

Dance is a life worth thousand years . 

 I was overwhelmed with my experience. It got me back a life when I thought of ending my life. I had a lot of failures. And Everytime I had to get through that mental state of depression there was something that would always make me feel better. No person. No words. No magic other than dance could do it. I understood that dance is not just the way of us dancing and knowing about this art but a way of life that would hold a person from within and let them feel the bliss around themselves. 

My life lesson was thought. 

A day without dance is a day wasted for me. My immense love for art grew day by day and here I am today dancing all my fears out and experiencing the best of life. Havnt achieved much in dance and I already feel the fire of passion in my confidence when I get on the stage. Everytime before I get on the stage , I’ll be nervous but I will love the work and the darkness will be put up with the supreme light of the god. I have believed that there is no other better way of living a life . I want all my life filled with dance. I would thank everyone who has supported me. I have failures and secrets the world doesn’t know. But I am sure that this mask of dance will bring the light out of my world to educate me more on this. 


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