Forgetfulness and life lessons.

We have our memory drained. Drained into something that wound around your heart like a spark of magic to forget the past.

Our past takes over the present. 

Our pasts always take over our present siutaions. Situations in life that put you down or out you high on cloud 9 , doesn’t matter but yet the painful past that everyone of us have today will keep hitting right into the world of thoughts . The only way to get out of the would of unwanted thought is- Forgetfulness. 

While you learn something new , it seems like a you are in a new world around everything unknown around you. As you get into that subject or into the topic , deep into it – you start realizing that it is no more an unknown subject to you and you tend to get yourself or hold on to the topic. The love or the passion for your readings and your words never die when you continue . And just when you think it is going to be over you realize there is a lot more in the world that you need to learn. 

We keep ourselves busy sometimes – By pretending to be busy rather ,as some of the worlds within us need some alone time to spend with the past and make us feel low probably. We forget that there is only one thing that would help us to get out of this thoughts and world of darkness-Forgetfulness.

Our memory is so good that we always remember the memories rather than the work to be completed . Rather than giving time and thinking about the past , let’s move on. The past was a devil and we faced it with all the courage and hope for a better tomorrow , what would stop you now ? Darling , you are a work of art. There is still a hope of being the best masterpiece. 

Time and memory are such good relations that , as time passes by and a few more realizations of life get us together , we forget what we couldn’t and it seems like a fresh day!


A new hope of life is on and a new chapter of our life has started then. A life has started all again.

There is always a light for the darker heart that would lit up and burn until the world sees the passion within them! 



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