Passing clouds. 

While we see the clouds passing on , we find the irony that those cotton like creatures stay everywhere around us but yet pass away from us. The clouds teach us lessons. Some people are given so much prominence in our lives – They become our day to day addiction. The tendency to stay with them for a life long holds us back. We feel they are the ones who would want us to see us grow and their once in a life time support makes us feel like they would do it always.

Oh,my dear heart- How could you be so dumb and depend on such passing clouds ?

Everyone pass like clouds .

Our life has such important people who stand by us in our difficult times and we tend to hold on to them. Yet, we forget that they are the temporary relations. Everyone you meet now has either a work to be done in their favour or just for the curiosity to know what’s happening in your life.

Not a handful of people who even stand by you are the people who always want to see you grow.

This world is cruel and selfish. So selfish it makes us think that everyone are in their worlds and actually no one really matters than you yourself. It’s your success and there are a really less amount of people who support you and who want to see you grow. Support everyone , look at them at heights! Man, they are YOUR PEOPLE.But don’t forget your life.

A life that needs to be completed by you . Achieved by you and no one else. You are the editor of your life. People will come , disturb you , put in pain , put in disguise , put you into distractions – don’t be moved. Stay focused , work harder. Everyday , every night and every second – you never know what life hands you over to.

The person next to you today , would be the person back stabbing you tomorrow. Be your own best friend. Know your limits with every person you meet. The devil within us might have a fall back any time. Stay focused . The only thing that will keep you high is your success.

Those who you call as constants today- they aren’t the your constants. You are your constant.

Ain’t that easy , stay focused inner child!

Focus on your plant and flowers with your roots and put around throns for the passing clouds in your life.


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