Broken pieces . 

I have always wondered what’s beautiful than broken stuff . Looking at so many broken pieces that are reserved and preserved for a life long. Some broken pieces bring so much when it is put together. Beautiful shapes , beautiful souls. 

We are all broken. Someone is broken through the heart , someone is broken in their thoughts , the thoughts that break you are the thoughts that are going to make you a better good person tomorrow. A stronger person rather. A new version of ourselves will be born out of us. There are a lot of broken people around us. We are no complete but let us hold on to the broken pieces to create a masterpiece. We are here to create a better tomorrow. For the world and for our worlds too. A world that is filled with thoughts and emotions , words and phrases , feelings and dreams , passion and pain , love and light , tenderness and innocence , negetivity and positivity , life and death . This world is a beautiful place with different people with different goals and perspectives. 

We face failures ,and then face success.              All that we learn from failures are that success is a joy when you get it but failures are the way to find ourselves when we are lost. 

It makes us better ,beyond our thoughts ,beyond our existence is the creation of our journey of life that get us the beauty of life pulling out the strings of emotions at every point. 

We are here to create a new tomorrow. A tomorrow of hope. A hope that lets us live a life with passion . Here we are looking at people breaking down at every point or phase of life. Breaking down at a death , breaking out at a point after saturation level , breaking down on failures , breaking down looking at the innocence of people . We are all breakable and easily fixable when life holds us and ropes us to keep our dreams and goals high. I have always kept in my mind that – “Broken crayons still color “. We live to inspire people. Let’s do it. Speak out things ,fix all our broken pieces ,combine our efforts ,focus on our goals ,inspire people through our life stories.

The only way to hold on to ourselves is to accept ourself than to let go of ourself. For no one might love us tomorrow – who would need love when I am filled with my own love . The only way to love ourselves is to accept self. No one other than you yourself would be for you . You are self made. 

Sailing in the boat of life being Stronger , braver and passionate to look at a breath taking destiny. 


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